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PPC Onboarding

Campaign Goals:

What specific landscaping services are you looking to promote? (e.g., residential design, commercial projects, maintenance)

What action would you like visitors to take? (e.g., Request a quote, schedule a consultation, download a brochure, phone call)

Target Audience:

Are there specific types of properties or clients you wish to target? (e.g., residential homes, commercial properties, eco-friendly landscapes)

Do you have any seasonal promotions or events that we should focus on in your ads?

Previous Efforts:

Have you used any specific landscaping-related keywords in past marketing efforts? How effective were they?

Who are your main PPC competitors, & what do you feel they do well in their PPC efforts?

Market & Trends:

Are there new or emerging trends in landscape design that you’re interested in exploring through your ads? (e.g., sustainable landscaping, outdoor living spaces)